Friday, September 18, 2015

Well, As It Turns Out, I Actually AM Going Back to My Old School

More specifically, tomorrow, at a reunion of old chums from C.W. Post College.

In this gorgeous campus building, actually.

The rest of you good people have a great weekend without me!!!


buzzbabyjesus said...

Have big fun. Ridiculously charming building.

Anna said...

Forty-odd years on, and otherwise music-savvy people *still* don't get Steely Dan..."they sound like the Doobie Brothers!" As Joss Whedon would say, "Grrr. Aargh."

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

I don't really know much about Post (other than it being well regarded in my section of Queens), but I DO know that Jeff Baxter's guitar solo on My Old School is one of my favorite Steely Dan moments.


Anonymous said...

They must bust in early May - Orders from the D.A.

VR - Can't say they weren't warned.

Saw these guys open for the Guess Who in Long Beach a while after Can't Buy a Thrill. David Palmer was quite useless on stage. Easy to see why they dumped him in spite of the studio "Dirty Work."

Got a great new sheer and colorful beach cover-up this morning to wear to Kaaboo. We're bringing some electric sangria along. I love Del Mar. Next three days during the festival we'll be spending the night in Coronado at a friend's 4,000+ square foot beach house by the harbor. Some times it pays to be friendly. Can't wait for all the action.