Friday, March 04, 2016

Great Lost New Wave Singles of Whenever

I first posted this song back in 2010, when the world and this blog were young, but as you may have noticed, a huge number of mp3s I've put up here over the years are now vanished, due to (I assume) Divshare having gone belly-up. In any event, I'm putting up new links for some worthy songs that have gone MIA, and this is one of my faves.

So -- from sometime in the late 70s or early 80s, please enjoy original Late Night With David Letterman writer and (more recently) creator of TV's Monk, the drolly amusing Andy Breckman, and his should have been an anthemic MTV hit "I Had a Good Day."

Breckman had (and continues to have, actually) a sort of parallel career as a sardonic solo folkie, and to my knowledge this unreleased demo is the only time he ever did one of his songs with a rock band. An acetate 45 was on the Folk City jukebox for years, which is where I first heard it; this digital version comes from a 1996 CD sampler on Gadfly Records, a Vermont indie label near and dear to my heart for reasons that I won't bore you with at the moment.

In any case, "Mr. Greenblatt died/I had a real good day" never fails to lift my spirits.


Billy B said...

heh. Nice leads. And who in the hell is Mr. Greenblatt?

steve simels said...

Billy B:

I thought that the guitar work on that was by an old Village pal of mine Joe Lee Henderson (who currently plays in a blues band with David Cohen of Country Joe and the Fish and my chum Glen Allen, drummer of the Floor Models).

Joe doesn't remember if he did the session or not, however. I'm pretty sure he did, but it was a long time ago...

Anonymous said...

Didn't GADFLY at one point reissue on CD Tonio K's "Life In The Foodchain", which, despite how ever many assertions Kanye West might make, is the undisputed, once-and-future Greatest Album Ever Recorded?

J. Lag

steve simels said...

Gadfly reissued most of Tonio's catalog. I have no idea what the status of that stuff is now.

ESciGuy said...

Mr. Greenblatt died? Heh heh ... I recall Steve mishearing "You make a grown man cry" in "Start Me Up" as news of Mr. Greenblatt's demise.

steve simels said...

He was a lovely man.