Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday 23 Revisited

From the incredibly great Willie Nile's killler new album of Dylan covers - please enjoy his fabulous Byrds Meets the Ramones version of "Blowin' in the Wind."

You can -- and should -- order Positively Bob, which drops (as the kids say) today over at Amazon HERE.

Have a great weekend, everybody.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't Willie Nile supposed to be one in a long string of "New Dylan's" at one point? Well he wasn't. And he isn't.

Nile's covers don't even come close to touching the Dylan originals. They don't touch the previous cover versions either. What's the point? Except latching on to Dylan's name to get some attention and generate some sales. He must be getting really desperate.

I'll give him props for doing "Abandoned Love" and "Every Grain Of Sand," since everything else is completely obvious and hackneyed. But his vastly inferior versions of those two don't come close to Dylan's. Nothing he does here sheds any favorable light on the tracks.

Which reminds me, I need to play Chrissie Hynde and bunch covering Dylan's "Property Of Jesus" live at Volcano Relief. That should get the bad taste out of my mouth.

Rinse and repeat:


buzzbabyjesus said...

VR about covered it.

steve simels said...

Well, I think he's fucking great and have since his first album came out, but we will agree to disagree on this.

That said, he did a secret show at Kenny's Castaways back in the day which was billed as an appearance by The Wayne Maunder Band and for that alone he deserves to be loved.

Anonymous said...

Steve: Please explain in more detail why the Wayne Maunder Band reference endears Mr. Nile to you so much.

I never saw the "Custer" show. But I did watch one episode of "Lancer" with my dad and Sandy. It was during the only time in my life that I got, supposedly, “grounded.” The petite Brenda Scott was the guest star. Understandably, Sandy had a huge girl-crush on her. Brenda played a wicked girl, as she was often cast. All the better.

I have a pretty interesting story about Sandy and Maunder’s "Lancer" co-star, “Johnny Madrid.” It involves voyeurism, Las Vegas, honey oil, my parents’ saltire cross, a police chase and Fats Domino. I’ll spare you for now.


ken49 said...

I liked it. The point is they reignite songs that are overly familiar.

Anonymous said...

Even the title of the album is lame. Nile's version of "Blowin' In the Wind" is a travesty. Byrds meet Ramones, my ass. Critics have been jerkin' their knees for years over this guy, no matter what he does. He must be on the "Like" list:-) Sorry again, Steve. And what about Wayne Maunder?

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