Monday, June 26, 2017

Wails From the Crypt

Long-time readers are perhaps aware that your humble scribe has toiled, off and on since high school, in a garage band (more accurately a basement band) known under a variety of names but mostly as The Weasels.

What they may not know, however, is that having, of late, a surfeit of time on my hands, I have been engaged recently in compiling an actual CD -- to be entitled Let There Be Weasels: Greatest Hits 1973-2016 -- and that, to that end, I and some technical professionals have been restoring, to the best of our meager ability, the various home recordings and el cheapo music videos in our poorly maintained multi-media vaults.

Here's one we just sort of finished -- the official promo film for our classic 1977 or 1978 rocker "Sweet Geraldine." Now with a genuine stereo audio track!!!

BTW, in case you were wondering, the guy singing -- the song's composer Glenn Leeds -- is doing hilariously over-the-top impressions of the other guys in the band. And yes, the one with the makeup is supposed to be me.


buzzbabyjesus said...

No problem enjoying the whole thing. The intro is hilarious, even funnier in 2017, especially with the tracking problem.

I hope there aren't any Dylan covers.

Jai Guru Dave said...

Nice job Steve!! But note to the art department: the cover of the proposed album has got to include Mike the drummer too. I get the "Let it Be" homage; but we can't do the Soviet-era thing where Trotsky was "photoshopped" out of photographs he was definitely in!!
Plus not for nothing, but he was clearly the teen heartthrob of the band!

Unknown said...

Fun. Nice straight forward rocker.

steve simels said...


This is just a rough -- Mike will have his place on the finished album cover without question.

Anonymous said...

For some reason the window now goes straight to The Dutchman.

mainuh said...

I actually watched the whole thing...funny.
I'm curious, did you project this on a backdrop when you played this song, Ala Joshua Light ?
Months back when you did the "Jennifer's Friends" mention we would make movies,among other things (dye in water/overhead projector) and project them behind the band.


Anonymous said...

The intro is the best part and borders on greatness. The rest of the video is too "inside." As far as the song goes, it's not exactly the best light-hearted attempt at melding rock 'n' roll and humor. Plus I kept thinking about Flip Wilson's cross-dressing alter ego.

Still, as a nascent, "baby-picture" thing, I can see its romance.


GLLinMO said...

Nicely period retro. Another life saved by the Apple II. But- dunno- looks like an early Ron Jeremy playing guitar.

Billy B said...

Loved the tune.

Anonymous said...

VR, how do you breathe the thin air surrounding that high horse you're sitting on?

Anonymous said...

Merely projection.

And a complete misunderstanding of my critique.

I have a soft spot in my warm heart for rudimentary rockers by evolving bands. Especially when they hit the Stones/Spoonful/Youngbloods bumpers and earn that "Extra Ball" with a daffy video.

In the meantime, it's all purge breathing and palominos:-)

VR - acquire the taste