Thursday, June 08, 2017

There's Probably a Beavis and Butt-Head Joke Here, But I Don't Have the Energy to Make It

From 1964, please enjoy The Roulettes and their how the hell did they think a song with this title was going to get on American radio "Tell Tale Tit."

Two of the guys in this band went on to record the original hit version of "Concrete and Clay" and -- much later -- join Argent and do lots of other cool stuff. I'm bringing it up, however, because an insane crackpot anti-Semite piece of shit I enjoy making fun of thinks it's beneath him.


Billy B said...

Nice tune. Love the guitar stuff. I wonder if that is Russ Ballard?

buzzbabyjesus said...

Catchy for sure.

steve simels said...

I believe it is indeed Russ Ballard.

mainuh said...

"Concrete and Clay"...Unit 4 plus 2.
I can still picture myself, just back from our local Ben Franklin, taking this out of the sleeve, the London label shades of blue, pie cuts graphics.
Where would we be without those great one hit wonders ?


Billy B said...

Thanks Steverino - Ballard had some really good stuff with Argent. Liar (covered by 3 Dogs Night) and God Gave Rock and Roll to You (covered by Kiss). My favorite tunes of his are It's Only Money (Parts 1 and 2).

mainuh said...

Billy -
Rod Argent "Hold Your Head Up" was an earworm in 1973.

I am probably wrong but thinking that he was the forerunner of the keyboard bands,Rick Wakeman comes to mind, Alan Parsons. I know the timeline is close, but maybe.


Anonymous said...

Not one of their best. But it's from 1963, and it's a B-Side, so what the heck.

As I'm sure you know, these guys backed up Adam Faith for years. They also opened for him doing mostly R&B covers. Though they did a lot of Chris Andrews penned pop in the Merseybeat vein, this is more what they sounded like in a live setting:

And speaking of "Tell Tale Tit", who can ever forget Argent's "Cast Your Spell Uranus."


P.S. "Liar" is great whether it's the original by Argent, or the Three Dog Night cover. For 3DN Danny Hutton sang into a very dirty and stinky toilet at American Studios to get that unique vocal effect. Maybe you can hear it: