Monday, July 10, 2017

It's "Bob Dylan Covering Songs You Wouldn't Necessarily Expect Him to Cover" Week!

From a rehearsal in 1985, here's his Bobness covering a song by that guy who didn't believe in Zimmerman.

Pretty good, actually, but much weirdness yet to come as the week progresses.


Billy B said...

Never hurts to have TP and the HBs as one's backing band.

Not bad, not bad at all.

Anonymous said...

It didn't take long after it began circulating, for Rattle Snake to issue this 2-CD set of the Dylan/Petty Farm Aid rehearsals done at Universal Studios mid-September 1985. Hard to believe this one remained under wraps for so long. It's worth the money.

I saw Dylan/Petty "True Confessions" tour on five dates. On the first one, they did Warren Smith's "Uranium Rock."

You gonna play Bob's Beatle covers of "Something" and "Yesterday." :-)


Anonymous said...


I didn't open it or anything but the SRUN POR message looks like a fishing expedition so I think you should delete it.