Tuesday, July 11, 2017

We Interrupt Oddball Bob Dylan Covers Week to Bring You Something Really Disgusting

From 2013, please enjoy throw up in your mouth watching EMIN and his truly appalling "In Another Life."

That kid is apparently a huge star in Russia, which just goes to show that Russian taste in pop music has declined precipitously since the heyday of the great Boris Grebenschikov.

More to the point, EMIN's dad is a big shot shady billionaire real estate developer who's in bed with President Tweety Amin.

To paraphrase Charles Pierce, if the story of the Trump administration had any more Russians in it, it would have to be written by Tolstoy.


Billy B said...

Yeesh. That is awful.

Mark said...

I really like Tweetie Amin. The description. The description.

Time for a remake of Reggie Knighton's VD Must Have Got To Idi Amin. DaDa. Doo doo.


mainuh said...

Looks like a young Simon Cowell.
AGT take notice... ;-)


pete said...

I won't watch.

edward said...

Well, it was nice of Trump to call him another pretty face.

Anonymous said...

Did Trump grab his pussy?

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

Garbage in. Garbage out.