Wednesday, July 12, 2017

It's "Bob Dylan Covering Songs You Wouldn't Necessarily Expect Him to Cover" Week!: Part Deux

From 2002, his Bobness essays Bruce Hornsby's "The End of the Innocence."

Full disclosure: I love this song and always have.


Anonymous said...

Let's give Don Henley writing credit too, hate him or love him! ;)


Anonymous said...

Lyrics are Henley's. Oft times I think of him as a major humorless douche. And for good reason. But when he got on stage with Mojo Nixon in San Diego and joined in on "Don Henley Must Die," I had to reassess. Perhaps he does have a sense of humor.

I wonder if the chorus is any reference to the 16 year old girl he was fucking that went into cocaine convulsions in his hotel room back in the Eagles days.:-)

Saw Dylan on this tour several times in Los Angeles and then in Vegas. He did a 3-night stand at the Wiltern to re-open the place after remodeling, or should I say, after they ripped the goddamned seats out. Larry Campbell and Charlie Sexton were in the band so we went to a bunch of shows. I go mainly for the bands these days. Too bad about the lead singer:-) Zim Zim covered a lot of songs on this tour, including a handful of Warren Zevon tunes, Neil Young, Buddy Holly and even "Brown Sugar":-) No "War Pigs" though :-)

If you care about latter day Dylan and want a comprehensive document of the 2002 tour, try to find "A Voice From On High," a 3-CD set. It includes a complete 2002 show followed by all other songs in the sets performed on the tour.

VR - what innocence?

Billy B said...

Didn't realize Hornsby co-wrote the tune.

Hornsby has always been a favorite.

Kind of weird hearing it done by Dylan.

steve simels said...

I'm also a huge fan of Henley's BOYS OF SUMMER.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

The music of Boys Of Summer is by Mike Campbell. I'd like to hear Tom Petty cover it.


Anonymous said...

Mojo Sez:

He's a tortured artist
Used to be in the Eagles
Now he whines
Like a wounded beagle
Poet of despair!
Pumped up with hot air!
He's serious, pretentious
And I just don't care
Don Henley must die!
Don't let him get back together
With Glenn Frey!
Don Henley must die!

Turn on the TV
And what did I see?
This bloated hairy thing
Winning a Grammy
Best Rock Vocalist?
Compared to what?
But your pseudo-serious
Crafty Satanic blot
Don Henley must die!
Put a sharp stick in his eye!
Don Henley must die!
Yea yea yea

Quit playin' that crap
You're out of the band

I'm only kidding
Can't you tell?
I love his sensitive music
Idiot poetry, swell
You and your kind
Are killing rock and roll
It's not because you are O L D
It's cause you ain't got no soul!
Don't be afraid of fun
Loosen up your ponytail!
Be wild, young, free and dumb
Get your head out of your tail
Don Henley must die!
Don't let him get back together
With Glenn Frey!

Don Henley must die!
Put him in the electric chair
Watch him fry!
Don Henley must die
Don Henley must die
No Eagles reunion
The same goes for you, Sting!


Anonymous said...

Sting can't be in the Eagles reunion either?

Captain Al