Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Your Wednesday Moment of Where Has This Song Been All My Life?

From 1984, please enjoy The Textones, featuring Carla Olson and Phil Seymour (of Dwight Twilley Band fame) and "No Love in You."

I hadn't heard that until yesterday, when friend of PowerPop Captain Al played it on his intertube radio show. I've enjoyed Olson's work over the years, without ever becoming a fan per se, but Jeebus H. Christ on a piece of challah toast, that's fantastic. And yeah, I know its about as Stones-derivative as can be (albeit the Stones if they were fronted by a woman with a vaguely country-ish voice).

But between that fabulous riff and Olson's vocals, that simply kills me.

Thanks, Captain!!!


pete said...

This is the Carla Olson who recorded with Gene Clark, yes?

Mark said...

Great song. On the 2015 Omnivore reissue of the original 1984 Textones album, there's a live version of No Love In You that to these still-vital and sonically-correct ears sounds like the same in-concert version posted on Youtube (at

Mark said...

@Pete - Yes, that Carla Olson, though the 1987 album with Gene Clark, So Rebellious A Lover, is a bit of a snooze.

steve simels said...

I ordered a copy of that Omnivore reissue, which arrives from Amazon tomorrow. I am totally stoked.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Carla Olson release is the two CD set "Too Hot for Snakes/The Ring of Truth" both CDs featuring Mick Taylor. Highly recommended.

Carla along with Todd Wolfe performed at The Turning Point, a terrific small club in Piermont, NY this past Saturday night. They were great making a big rocking sound which was amazing considering it was just two acoustic guitars and two voices.

Captain Al