Monday, December 17, 2018

Your Monday Moment of Words Fail Me

Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon and...oh, just see for yourself.

To quote from the old Mighty Thor theme song -- you behold in breathless wonder.

[h/t Joe Benoit]


Gummo said...

Jack Black is so underrated as a singer and musician - we saw Tenacious D recently and yes, most of their songs are parody dumb fratboy joke metal, but the actual music and performances were top notch and we really, really enjoyed it.

Ken J Xenozar said...

I will say that Jack Black possesses a nice set of pipes, can nail harmonies, and an overdose of rock and roll schmaltz. But I think he does help remind us that rock is supposed to be cathartic, good time music.

steve simels said...

Hey -- one of the guys who co-wrote this song that was a hit around the same time was somebody I used to work with.

Let's just say I have mixed feelings.

Billy B said...

Speakina Mr. Big - Billy Sheehan is killer covering "Oh Well" on the Peter Green tribute deal from a couple of decades ago.