Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A Desperate Cry for Help?

From 1950, please enjoy -- if that is at all possible -- the barber shop stylings of The Sportsmen Quartet and their once-heard-never-to-be-forgotten rendition of "Down in Jungle Town."

The back story: As some of you may know, I've been listening to a lot of old Jack Benny shows as a sleep aid lately, which has been great, but my growing fondness for some of Jack's musical guests is beginning to worry me. I actually broke down recently and bought a double CD of the greatest hits of Dennis Day, a singer I had never previously considered to be anything but a world class cornball, and now I've developed a taste for the Sportsmen, who exemplify a genre that I have heretofore pondered for maybe five minutes out of my life to date.

Really kids -- this way madness lies.


Billy B said...

I agree with your comment "this way madness lies"...

Gummo said...

I feel your pain.

In my teen years, I was a fanatical devotee of The Goon Show (as played on WRVR-FM in New York City 20 years after they were originally recorded and aired) and after a while found myself actually enjoying the harmonica stylings of Max Geldray. Talk about that way madness lies....


edward said...

Up next The Harmonicats!

Ken J Xenozar said...

I think you need to visit the doc to see if your humours are out of balance.

Mark said...

A little-noticed side effect of climate change. Just like mastodons long frozen under Siberian permafrost are now rising to the surface, much higher-than-normal temperatures in the Northeast tend to uncover predispositions to corn, and especially high tenor corn. Check yourself into a psychiatric facility BEFORE you develop a fondness for Frank Fontaine doing his Crazy Guggenheim shtick. And then?

Jim Nabors.

The American Psychiatric Association's working on this problem for its next DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) update.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord:

Please grant peace to the troubled soul of Brother Simels in these obviously trying times.

Having lost his way may he find his path back to the "Valley of Ass Shaking and Butt Bumping". May his ears "Ring with Feedback" and "Chime with the Perfect Chords of Power Pop".

Brother Simels:

Look to the disconnected power chord of your amplifier because if you can restore this power you can still provide yourself with all you need to vanquish your doubts and overcome the pain of old tired ears, fallen arches, a poor digestive tract and overwhelm the myth of the superiority of vinyl! If you do this, you shall find you way back to glorious way of a "Life of Rock and Roll"!

In other words: Kick Out The Jams Motherfucker!!!! AHEM!

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

And yet could the music of "The Sportsmen Quartet" be superior to "Shoegazing" rock?

I think so!!!

Captain Al

Anonymous said...

I recommend one dose of NRBQ all hopped up

buzzbabyjesus said...

CW Stoneking "Jungle Lullabye".