Monday, December 09, 2019

Show Biz Notes From All Over (An Occasional Series)

So ace singer/songwriter/guitarist/rocker and friend of PowerPop David Achelis... part of an absolutely killer double bill tonight at one of the coolest clubs in New York City. I think the phrase is -- for me, anyway -- be there or be square.

Here's a track from Dave's latest CD that should give you an idea what's in store for you if you attend.

You can -- and should -- find out more about all things Achelis (including a link to stream more of his music) over at his website HERE.

I should also add that Dave is opening for Binky Phillips, one of the genuine legends of the early NYC punk scene, and a guy who channels his inner Pete Townshend better than anybody alive.

So -- what are you waiting for? Get down to Arlene's this very minute, grab a seat, and get ready to rock!

POSTSCRIPT: One of the greatest experiences of my adult life was participating in a jam session with David in which he sang the complete four and a half minute version of Marty Robbins' "El Paso," a feat few who walk upright can duplicate. I can't guarantee that Dave will do the song tonight, but it certainly wouldn't hurt you to request it.

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pete said...

I think I was at that jam.