Monday, December 02, 2019

Singles Going Steady

So as unlikely as it may seem, I have just released the metaphorical equivalent of one of those old seven inch vinyl records with the big hole in it. Under my own name, no less.

Because the masses have been clamoring for solo work by Steve Simels, comrades!

Here's the a-side, which is a remake of The Byrds' anti-war classic from Fifth Dimension.

And here's the b-side, which is a cover of a great song by friend of PowerPop Peter Spencer, done as a cross between the early Byrds and "Street Fighting Man."

I should add that both of those are now available for streaming/purchase at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and various other digital platforms to be announced.

I should also add that the picture sleeve photo was taken by friend of PowerPop Capt. Al, and the art direction is by a certain Shady Dame (who's working too cheap, I'll tell you that for free.)

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the musical credits are:

Track 1:
Me -- lead vocals and bass
Joe Benoit -- harmony vocals and all other instruments

Track 2:
Me -- lead vocals, guitars, keyboards
Joe Benoit -- guitars
Allan Weissman -- bass
David Hawxwell -- harmony vocals, 12-string guitar, Nashville guitar
Glenn Leeds -- outro keyboards
Glen Robert Allen -- drums

And a big tip of the Simels chapeau to one and all who supported me in this folly.


Gummo said...

Should'a flipped'em and had Everybody Dance as the A-side.

edward said...

Not at all what I expected your voice to sound like.

steve simels said...

You didn’t expect a whiny nasal Jew?😀

Gummo said...

Whiny Nasal Jews

I think we found the name of your next band.

Phil Cheese said...


pete said...

you have made the song your own

Mark said...

Gummo's 100% on the mark. Everybody Danced is Shoes-worthy, and that recurring riff is to-die-for. Went to Spotify to hear Spencer's original. Not that I Come And Stand At Every Door is chopped liver.