Friday, December 27, 2019

You Learn Something New Every Day

So earlier this week, as a Christmas present to myself, I splurged on some Desert Rose Band CDs (I'm going through a sort of Chris Hillman phase at the moment) and I rediscovered their 1989 hit version of one of my favorite songs -- John Hiatt's "She Don't Love Nobody."

Which I had originally heard in Nick Lowe's quite different version four years earlier.

In any event, it occurred to me that I'd never heard it done by its composer, so I did a little research and guess what?

There is no extant version of it that I can find. Apparently, it was just a songwriting demo that Lowe and DRB came across. Or something.

No larger point to the story, but I must admit it surprised me.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!


Anonymous said...

Two excellent performances of a fine song. Surprised John Hiatt never recorded it. I knew the Lowe version, but the DRB is new to me.


Anonymous said...

Both versions are aural pleasures. I'm with you on the Hillman kick, of which I am currently on, as well as a John Jorgenson binge courtesy of some extended DRB listening.

SteveS said...

Wow! Guess which group that DRB version reminded me of right off the bat (minus the steel guitar)?

steve simels said...

SteveS: You noticed.:-)

neal t said...

I had it amongst my 531 tracks I have of his on something called The Bug Demos 1983-85

Found this from googling;

steve simels said...

Wow. Thanks...can’t wait to listen.