Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Closed Due to the Fact That the News is Making Me Insane

Exsqueese me -- President Scuminasuit gets checked into Walter Reed with a potentially fatal and highly contagious disease and then gets a pass from his "doctors" allowing him to ride around the hospital waving at his hard-core unemployable fans?

And I'm supposed to go to sleep without drugs?

Apologies, everybody -- I promise music stuff will resume tomorrow. But at the moment I just can't cope with what is passing for real life.


ChrisE said...

I totally empathize, Steve (and I'm CANADIAN!). Trump never fails to confound and frustrate.

edward said...

Be prepared to close down from Nov 4- Jan 20. If you can't deal with this you are going to completely melt down during Lame Duck Season. As might we all.

pete said...

I've got the free-floating anxieties, too. But now that the forest fires aren't filling the air with smoke I can take my walk. Put one foot in front of the other and repeat 5,000 times. It helps.