Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Your Tuesday Moment of You Gotta Be Nice to Yourself at Least Once a Week, Especially in Our Current Trying Times

From 1972, and their recorded-on-a-mobile-8-track-machine-in-their-garden album Silver Pistol, please enjoy the incomparable Brinsley Schwarz -- featuring power pop god Nick Lowe, who wrote and sings the song -- and the utterly transplendent "Unknown Number."

Or, as we call it at Casa Simels, the greatest rewrite of Buddy Holly's "Words of Love" ever heard by sentient mammalian ears.

I've always loved Silver Pistol -- hell, I've always loved ALL the Brinsleys' albums -- but I bring it up at this historical juncture because I was browsing the intertubes the other day (something to do with pub rock week, I think) and what to my wondering eyes should appear but this anthology of their first five LPs...

...in one authoritative collection FOR UNDER TWENTY DOLLARS!!!

So of course I immediately purchased it.

Those records are all flat-out great, BTW; you can (and should) order that glorious volume over at Amazon HERE.

You're welcome very much.

Coming tomorrow: A new song by one of the great Australian bands ever.


Anonymous said...

I was just listening to the song yesterday during my "old man" walk around the block which I pretend is exercising.

Silver Pistol is my favorite Brinsley Schwarz album and one of my favorite albums from the seventies. I believe you Mr. Simels is the person who turned me on to the band.

Thank you!

Captain Al

Blue Ash Fan said...

Browsing the intertubes? Dude.

MJConroy said...

I bought that boxset some time ago. Great stuff at a great price.

pete said...

big like

FD13NYC said...

Great band, great albums!