Thursday, October 08, 2020

Slacker Thursday

From Alfred Hitchcock's Stage Fright in 1950, Marlene Dietrich IS "The Laziest Girl in Town."

I'm posting this for two -- make that three -- reasons.

1. It's just hilariously funny.

2. It's a clue to the theme of next weeks' Weekend Listomania. Seriously.

3. I, personally, actually AM the Laziest Girl in Town.

New music by a Power Pop favorite will appear tomorrow. Swear to god.

But I was just too tired to write the accompanying copy today.


Blue Ash Fan said...

This HAD to be the inspiration for the Madeline Kahn/Lili Von Shtupp musical number in Blazing Saddles. Right?

steve simels said...


Alzo said...

Wyman: "I married Ronald Reagan."
Dietrich: "You're an imbecile."

Gummo said...

Dude, you have gasted my flabber!

I never knew Kahn's song was based on a SPECIFIC Dietrich song & performance, I just thought it was generic parody.

But they are practically the same song!

Ya loin somethin' new every day....