Monday, June 14, 2021

Those Fabulous Seventies (An Occasional Series)

From November 3, 1976 -- a day (as the liner notes to this new collection of previously unreleased material by San Francisco sensations The Rubinoos thoughtfully informs us) after the election of Jimmy Carter -- please enjoy the aforementioned Rubinoos and their irrepressible original tune "I Want Her So Bad."

That's considerably punkier than I recall the band having been; to me, they'll always be the guys who did this power pop classic in 1979.

In any event, this new album-length vault-dive is tons of fun, especially if you were alive at the time it was recorded; you can -- and should -- order it over at Amazon HERE, or directly from the Yep Roc Records website AT THIS LINK. The Yep Rock site has the track listing, BTW, and I should add that the CD includes a spiffy remake of "I Want to Hold Your Hand."

You're welcome.

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