Monday, October 04, 2021

It Was Two Years Ago Today...

...that my old band, The Floor Models, performed its swansong/reunion gig. Here's the final three songs from said show (okay, we did one other number after this segment, but you get the idea).

Yes, the performances are a little raggedy -- hey, we hadn't played together in 25 years, and I confess to spending more time figuring out what I was gonna wear to the gig than trying to relearn my bass parts -- but they're raggedy in the right way, and if those four guys aren't having fun I'm no judge of horseflesh.

This is hard for me to write about, for the obvious reason that our beloved drummer Glen Robert Allen -- or as I refer to him, my musical director for the last 50 years -- was very sick at the time of the show, and passed away the following February. I will share one anecdote, however, which speaks volumes about him.

As we were getting ready to go home after the performance, I went up to Glen and said, and I was being heartfelt, "Dude -- thanks. You carried me." And he flashed me a big grin, pointed to the other two members of the band, and said "Nope. WE carried THEM."


Anonymous said...

It was a very magical night!

Captain Al

Gummo said...

It certainly was.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget about the New Floor Models' album "In-Flyght Entertainment" on POJ Records!

Shameless Captain Al

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