Friday, October 01, 2021

Sue Thompson 1925 - 2021

Country/pop chanteuse Sue Thompson, auteur of the 1961 hit single "Norman" and much else, has departed this sad vale of tears at the ripe old age of 96.

My dad's name was Norman, and during that song's run on the charts it was probably the only time he was sexy. (Just kidding, dad).

I should add that I'm mostly posting the song because a certain anti-semite hick nitwit from Maine I'm fond of making justifiable fun of commented on it recently in a way that made it clear he doesn't know the difference between counting eighth notes or remembering the lyrics accurately.

I should also add that the song itself was written by the great John D. Loudermilk, who would deserve to be immortal if he had penned nothing more than "Tobacco Road."

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!


ChrisE said...

"Paper Tiger", also written by Loudermilk, is my favorite of Sue's major hits from the 1960s. And I do wish that some enterprising CD reissue company would put together a comp of people doing Loudermilk's songs, as well as telling his story.

steve simels said...

I’d buy that if it came out.

ChrisE said...

I'm hoping that Ace Records in the U.K., which has a whole series of CDs on songwriters, will do a package on Loudermilk at some point.