Tuesday, November 23, 2021

It's Complete Utter Shit Week: Part II -- Duets From Hell Edition

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been going through back issues of the Magazine Formerly Known as Stereo Review. And I found this from a sort of Short Takes feature we ran in the early 90s


MCA 10633 (45 min).

Smyth's sorry-babe-I-gotta-dump-ya duet with Don Henley, "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough," has been a big hit for a simple reason: Everybody knows the feeling. Nevertheless, the album is mainstream corporate rock at its most routine and faceless -- well produced (by Springsteen asso- ciate Roy Bittan) but still overflowing with canned emotion and as spontaneous as a Swiss watch. S.S.

I actually kinda liked Smyth (who used to hang at a watering hole in the Village I frequented back in the day) but sorry -- that song totally sucks.


Anonymous said...

great song!

edward said...

Sounds like Nashville crap country written for Meat Loaf. Just add a steel guitar (or prison, trucks, trains, drinking and mom).

Alzo said...

Yeah, I've thought little of the Eagles. But I had to credit Henley for getting up onstage with Mojo Nixon to sing 'Don Henley Must Die.'