Wednesday, November 24, 2021

It's Complete Utter Shit Week: Part III -- Maybe She's a Good Mom

From 1994 -- found this yesterday while researching stuff from back issues of the Magazine Formerly Known as Stereo Review for my forthcoming Greatest Hits book


New York Rock

CAPITOL 29843 (68 min)

Ms. Ono, I worked with Courtney Love. Courtney Love was a friend of mine. Ms. Ono, you're no Courtney Love. S.S.



Alzo said...

Yeah, it's 3:50 too long. But I think something like this would have been carried off better by the likes of Nina Hagen.

Anonymous said...

Be kind, I think she's trying to channel her dead husband. Her heart is in the right place, she just can't carry it off.

Who is in the band? They don't really help Yoko bring it off by playing the correct notes but with no feeling.

Captain Al

pete said...

I've read accounts of Ms. Ono in the studio and, according to these accounts, she is a fan of stiff, unswinging grooves and doesn't like anything loose, at all.

Getawaygoober said...

I feel sorry for the backup musicians. Can you imagine having to do retakes on her "material"? Hope they were paid well.

Gummo said...

Many years ago I interned at a very small New York City recording studio. One Sunday morning, the studio was abuzz -- Yoko Ono was coming in to work on a piece she'd been commissioned to do for an avant garde dance piece.

We were told the rules - no one was to speak to her, and only the engineer and tape op were allowed inside.

She floated in, surrounded by huge bodyguards, worked for four hours, then left, never acknowledging anyone.

The engineer told me they'd sent the entire session sampling crickets chirping. It nearly drove him out of his mind.

Gummo said...

Spent, not sent. D'oh.

cthulhu said...

I know it’s cruel and unusual, but I can’t see a mention of Ms. Ono without remembering Harlan Ellison’s characterization of her as “…Yoko Ono, who has got to be the ugliest chick in the civilized world…” Unenlightened, I know, but some things are…just too apropos.