Monday, November 01, 2021

The Tooth of Crime (An Occasional Series): Special "Just the Facts, Ma'am" Edition

From their just released new album Dragnet, please enjoy the incomparable NRBQ and their performance of the title theme from the classic TV cop show of the same name.

Not sure if a rock band has ever covered this previously, but it wouldn't surprise me, given that it was one of the most ubqutious musical artifacts of the 50s. Not to mention one of the most often parodied, as witness this great frame from the Mad Magazine version.

The great Bill Elder, ladies and germs. Let's really hear it for him.

PS: I was just reminded that this was also redone in 1987 by The Art of Noise for the Dragnet movie. Won a Grammy, come to think. I prefer this new one, however.

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pete said...

These guys are still a great band, but in my ears they suffer from what I call Little Feat Syndrome, where I simple cannot get over the death and subsequent absence of a critical member of the group's "classic" line-up. In this case it's the great drummer Tommy Ardolino. I encourage the uninitiated to get into NRBQ but oh, I miss Tom.