Thursday, July 04, 2024

It's Independence Day (Assuming the SCOTUS Hasn't Re-Installed the Monarchy!)

And in its honor -- a PowerPop tradition since 2018 -- please enjoy Bill Pullman, the greatest president of the United States who was never president of the United States...

Okay, sorry about the dumb joke.

What I meant to say was please behold the late great Ben E. King and his gorgeous cover of Bruce Springsteen's "4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)."

As I've noted on previous occasions, the existence of that clip -- in the immortal words of Cristina Applegate on Married With Children -- makes the mind wobble.

I mean -- can you imagine how cool for Bruce it must have been to learn that one of the singers he idolized back in his youth had actually beautifully interpreted a song he had written?

I think the word is wow.

Meanwhile, enjoy -- if that is the appropriate word in the disturbing times we live in at the moment -- the rest of your 4th, everybody!!!

And yes -- a way cool new Weekend Essay question will appear on the morrow.


paulinca said...

Sorry, Steve, but the greatest president never to be president was Jed Bartlett. :)
You're right on with the song! Just, wow. How, for holiday related Bruce music, who has a killer version of "Independence Day"?
If you were referencing the SCOTUS ruling as a joke, it wasn't. It's absolutely terrifying. Especially with the Orange Felon being the reason for the ruling.


Alzo said...

Dang, that Ben E. King track is something else.
My ex-wife is a huge Springsteen nut. I once played her 'Book of Dreams' as covered by Dion. She didn't care for people covering the Boss and I had to inform her what an honor it is to have a childhood idol doing your material. See also Townes Van Zandt's take on 'Racing in the Streets.'

ChrisE said...

For those who may be interested, U.K.-based label Ace Records has a 19-track CD of female artists covering Springsteen songs ("Ladies Sing The Boss"). It features tracks by Lucinda Williams, Emmylou Harris, Cowboy Junkies, Darlene Love and, of course, Patti Smith doing "Because The Night". The CD was released in 2022.

Happy Fourth Of July.