Monday, July 08, 2024

The Adventure of the Missing Umlaut

And speaking as we were the other day of new music by artists that has crossed my desk unbidden recently, here's without doubt my favorite of the month so far -- American monsters of metal The D.O.O.D. (short for The Distinguished Order of Disobedience)...

...and a cut from their forthcoming (Sept. 17) album Dissonance, the catchily toe-tapping guitar fest that is "2000 Miles."

Not -- obviously -- to be confused with The Pretenders song of the same name.

These guys are apparently world famous in their South Florida home base, and with good reason, obviously. Equally obviously, long time readers will be aware that The D.O.O.D. is not -- musically/stylistically speaking -- particularly my usual cup of tea, but it won't surprise said readers that I nonetheless find the band's general attitude kind of hilarious and wonderful. Which is kind of more important, at least on some occasions.

Also, the red-headed siren second from right in the group photo -- a/ka/ Jonzey the bass player -- could obviously have me if she played her cards right. Heh.

Anyway, you can find out more about them -- including where to hear/purchase more of their music -- over at their official website HERE.

[PS: The followup to Friday's White Animals post had to be delayed due to technical problems. It will go up later this week, promise! -- S.S.]


Cleveland Jeff said...

Are there any female rockers who could not "have you" if they played their cards right? Any at all?

steve simels said...

Cleveland Jeff ==

Let me think...I'll get back to you on that.

Anonymous said...

Anita Bryant.

Captain Al

pete said...

yeah, a little of LW's drunken/plainspoken/minimalist/repetitive shtick goes an awfully long way