Monday, March 03, 2008

Jeff Healey 1966 - 2008

More sad news -- blind Canadian blues-rock guitar whiz Jeff Healey has succumbed to cancer at age 41.

I had absolutely no idea he was so young. What a shame....


TMink said...

Yeah, he not only rocked, he played guitar like nobody else. I need to catch up with some of his more recent stuff, but the first record had a fire and that cool technique that made it really happening for guitar freaks.

Rest in peace brother.


TJWood said...

Just amazing. If I remember my album credits correctly, that is the song's author, George Harrison, guesting on rhythm guitar on this track. Also check out the video of Jeff guesting with Stevie Ray Vaughan on Vaughan's "Look At Little Sister" on YouTube. Hopefully, those three are playing up a storm right now somewhere in Rock and Roll Heaven.

Sinfonian said...

Nor did I. Wow. He wasn't even as old as I am. That's sobering.

Also, Healey was great in Roadhouse. :)