Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ain't Ms Behavin'

A friend writes:

Attached is the very English Lily Allen's new song "Fuck You Very Much George W. Bush."

Is it the best tune ever written? No, but you gotta admit the sentiment is spot on.

Club kids will be singing along through inauguration.

Me? I'm putting the speakers in my dorm window and cranking it for the Frisbee players down below.

I'll go further -- this is the greatest protest song since CSNY's "Ohio."

Okay, maybe not the greatest. But definitely the cutest!!!


L'Atalante said...

And to think the poor girl had trouble entering the US thanks to homeland security...


Attaturk said...

Didn't Eric Idle do a similarly named song?

Why yes he did...about the FCC


Gummo said...

I appreciate the sentiment, but the song really does kinda suck:

- her voice is just so annoying and the doubletracking doesn't make the lyrics any clearer

- have I mentioned how annoying her voice is?