Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gobsmacked: Pulp

steve's been known to mourn over the bands he dismissed or missed unintentionally: well, count me in. This band appears to have had its heyday--such as it was--while I was working on my doctorate, and activity not generally compatible with discovering new bands or eating or sleeping or keeping up on the laundry. So sue me.

But this is a fab song. I gather Pulp were the compatriots of your Blurs and Oases and Lushes.... at least that's what I hear here. And they seem to be the older brothers of Franz Ferdinand and The Killers, but it's not really fair to hold that against them. Jeebus, my younger brother is a fundie living in rural Pennsylvania. So we'll judge them on their own merits.

Make sure to listen to the lyrics, which are v. funny.



Rinjo Njori! said...

William Shatner, with a little help from Ben Folds, did a decent version of this song. he even dueted with Joe Jackson


Despite jackson's half a pack a day habit he can still sing.

steve simels said...

Most 90s Britpop interested me about as much as watching paint dry, and the whole Jarvis Corcker is the Second Coming of Ray Davies thing really got up my nose at the time. (Although I did like him taking the piss out of Michael Jackson at that awards show...)

But you are correct -- this is a fab, funny song.

Anonymous said...

For a video of the Shatner track, featuring my daughter Cynthia performing the greatest synchronized-shopping-cart choreography ever filmed, go to:


NYMary said...

Exactly. I would have classified it and filed it in a drawer, but this video was on 120 Minutes on VH-1 Classics (get that Geritol for me, there's a dear), and just fell head over heels for it. It may well be their only song, but it's a good one.

MBowen said...

No, they've got some other goodies...try their kinda-sorta rewrite of "Elusive Butterfly", called "Bob Lind (The Only Way Is Down)", or a truly nasty song about seeing the girlfriend who dumped you for an older, richer guy called "Help The Aged".

Anonymous said...

Having gone through their period of hype I still think Pulp hold up pretty well. (As a kind-of-expatriate Brit, to hear Pulp bracketed with Lush is ... kinda weird for me)

Since no one else has mentioned their "older stuff": you could try, from the same album, "I Spy", "Disco 2000", and the creepy but catchy "FEELING CALLED LOVE". If that sounds nice you can go further back to the early-to-mid-1990s with "Babies", "Joyriders", "Pink Glove" (despite what your previous commenter said about nasty songs to exes, *this one* is a standout in that genre) and "Lipgloss". Or "Acrylic Afternoons" if you like David Lynch.

Anyway, who are these *newfangled* Ferdinand Killers you speak of? ;-)