Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Best Band in America?

If the video from their new album is any indication, I'd say all signs point to yes.

At the very least, it proves just how great the White Stripes could be if Jack would only hire a goddamn bass player.

[h/t Zap Rowsdower]


thomas said...

OK, great stuff. Thanks!

Rinjo Njori said...

Not even close...
White is better in the Stripes
Benson is better solo
Not too mention that the Greenhornes have effectively ceased to exist since this project has sapped Keeler and Lawrence's time.

I hear the live show rocks, but ...

Brooklyn Girl said...

Is someone we know volunteering?

Anonymous said...

For once Simels you are so wrong. I saw the Raconteurs open for Dylan last year, it was one of the worst performances I'd ever seen or heard. At the time I attended the show I had no idea they were going to play (I went last minute and didn't have a clue there was an opening act, let alone who they were) and I detested them. They sucked.

What made it most interesting was I was the only person at the show who hated them, everyone else (14,000 people) adored them and they may have gone over bigger then Dylan that night. Hell the Weasels might have gone over bigger then Dylan that night if they had opened the show. Bob gave a real weird performance.

I'm not much of a White Stripes fan either, though I thought Jack White was real good with the Stones in "Shine A Light".


steve simels said...

I haven't seen them live, but the records work, I think.

And on the basis of this clip, they have rock star presence up the wazoo, obviously.

Actually, the best band in America right now is the Hold Steady, but I'll have more to say about them next week.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Steve said, "The best band in America ..."

The Hold Steady are a great sound with songwriting talent to spare, that’s for sure. The live video of them playing Hostile Massachusetts in the basement of some college radio station has got to be one of my all-time favorite, no-B.S (you can't fake this), just 5-guys-making-really-good-rock-and-roll-music videos. I’ve got it bookmarked somewhere: ah, here it is. Charlemagne didn’t feel any pain but he’s bleeding from the holes in his story alright. It was filmed at the Univ. of Texas.

I'm psyched to read your take on these guys.

steve simels said...

Who am us:

Thanks for that Hold Steady clip, which is great, and I'd never seen before. Where was the keyboard player, though?

Andy said...

Benson is SO much better solo.

Anonymous said...