Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Glam Rock Blogging- American Division

To say that the New York Dolls were not a huge influence on the punk rock scene on both sides of the pond in the mid to late 70s would simply be ignoring history. One need only check out Steve Jones' guitar solos on any of a number of Sex Pistols singles to hear his shameless rip of Johnny Thunders unmistakable guitar sound. The Dolls had the punk attitude and the amphetamine-laced hooks down when their eponymous first record hit the streets way back in 1973. Shambolic and raw, they sounded as if their entire operation could crash and burn at any moment, but their sound perfectly meshed with the zeitgeist of the burgeoning punk movement.

Here's exhibit A, the Dolls' Personality Crisis, which has always sounded to me like Chuck Berry on crank. Cheers!


steve simels said...


You do know that the surviving Dolls (who made my favorite single of the 21st century, "Dance Like a Monkey") are back in the studio with Todd Rundgren?

Actually, back in the studio may be a inaccurate -- it may be he's producing a live album for them. I forget.

In any case, they're collaborating for the first time in thirty plus years. Could be WAY interesting.

Anonymous said...

Saw those guys tear up a record store when a poorly promoted record-signing appearance at a mall went bad. Album frisbees! It was my first exposure to rock abandon.

Kid Charlemagne said...


Thanks for the update I didn't know that! I was pleasantly surprised by their comeback LP. It was very good, especially the aforementioned single. Working with Rundgren again will be interesting.

geor3ge said...

Hair bands too numerous to mention aped their riffs and their style. I'm looking at you, "Talk Dirty to Me" by Poison.