Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Videocrush: "The Sky is Falling"

With our compliments, please enjoy the latest vid from ultra-cool Chicago pop punksters (and friends of PowerPop) The Safes. The song, of course, is from their new, and killer, Sight of all Light EP.

Incidentally, although I get the whole Puppet Theater thing, I would like to go on record as saying these guys are lot better looking than the characters in the video. As you can plainly see from what is, IMHO, the cleverest and most artful rock group photo of the last twenty years. (Note Brian Jones and friends in the background. Heh heh.)

For more about these guys -- including links to where you can either download more of their music (from iTunes et al) or buy the actual CDs, go here. You'll thank me, I'm sure.


rinno said...

great job here..
how about link exchange?

Kid Charlemagne said...

Nice... The Soft Boys of the 21st Century! Also, having grown up with Kukla, Fran, and Ollie the puppets are oddly reassuring!

David Watts said...

Cute song, in a sort of Austin Power-ish way.

And you're right -- that photo is a pisser.

The Phantom Creeps said...
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The Phantom Creeps said...

I really like that song, and the video is hilarious.

But the fact that they're posing in front of the cover photo from "High Tide and Green Grass" is just too cool for words.

And unless I'm mistaken, you can see just a smidge of a famous shot of the Beatles on the far left?