Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Babyblogging

Miscellaneous adventures of the rugrats of Liberal Mountain.

Miss Rosie. I've lost probably ten pairs of sunglasses to her.

Yes, this is what SP looks like the vast majority of the time. But he's three months tomorrow: this phase of his life should be starting to ease up soon.

Frolicking on the couch. How much do we love the ponytails?


Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Thank you for the great pictures! Little Miss Rosie is getting SOOOO big. The latest little spud is teh cute and the baseball playing six-year old is adorable. I truly do not know how you and Thers manage such a menagerie along with careers and the other things of life.

Your love of your children comes through with great beauty -- lovely to hear and see.

flory said...

I for one, love the ponytails. Miss Rosie is just more adorable-er than ever.

I gather tonsil boy is all recovered? Even if he can't play ball yet?

refinnej said...

I LOVE the ponytails!!! They are an explosion of cuteness!!!

Hope the 6yo is feeling better.

Hugs for everyone!!

Maria de los Angeles said...

The cutest EVER!

Greetings from the Sunshine State my dear friend!

Hey, forgot to mention that we had a breast-in at a Starbuck's in Miami this week.

Oh, me relying on my friends to educate me about groovy music, does this mean I'm blog whoreing right now? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hiya Mary I'm glad to have found your sweet blog, as a fan of power pop I feel like a dying breed. Oh I might run into someone online who is into Big Star or the mid-80s Hoboken scene or whatever, but that's as far as it goes, and never have I seen a blog named in honor of POWER POP, til today. It's been rough, the last year I've been posting on message boards using the BOMP! logo as avatar and I swear not one person recognizes or cares or is even curious, alas. The first thing I did here was a search and found 2 stories referencing BOMP! so I'm in and would have been regardless, I don't think I've seen Shoes referenced ever online, that and the pics and your warm politics are a charming mix, I am delighted to have found this place, and I hear you're living with a semiotician, it doesn't get much better than that.
Cheers and kind regards,

NYMary said...

Great to find a fellow traveller! Welcome aboard!

ntodd said...

Yay, babies! Affirmation of life...

NYMary said...

You know, Todd, I was ruminating yesterday on how my one-two-three punch losses had affected me, and I really think that the brood is one of these ways. Thers and I married about a month before my sister died in 1997, and it was driving home from her funeral that I told him we should try. It took a year and a half and some painful losses before it happened, but the boy is certainly worth the wait.

Affirmation of Life indeed.