Saturday, June 24, 2006


Just heard about this:
Pit stop for Road Rage; Saratoga show canceled

Road Rage Tour headliner Blondie is taking a hiatus from it national tour due to an injury sustained by one of its touring partners.

Elliot Easton, founding member and guitarist for The New Cars, underwent surgery on June 12 for a broken left clavicle sustained during a near crash on June 5 when the tour bus swerved to avoid another vehicle.

Determined to not miss any dates, Elliot continued to play. "I've been waiting 17 years for this tour," Easton told his doctor when was getting his X-rays, although, because of the severity of the break, Easton required surgery.

Said Debbie Harry of Blondie: "It was amazing that after the accident, Elliot played four more shows in a brace and in constant pain. He really tried his best to keep on playing, so he should be given a great deal of credit for that."

Get well soon, Elliot!


Anonymous said...

Saw the Gnu Cars at Wolftrap at the beginning of the month and Elliot seemed no worse for the wear. They were quite good and Todd did a ripping version of "Black Maria." Blondie, eh.

Anonymous said...

Kid C,
Was that before or after the accident?

Anonymous said...


Apparently, the accident was the same day. Todd announced that he was hurting, and he was wearing some sort of collar type thing. His playing certainly didn't betray that he had a broken clavicle.