Monday, August 04, 2008

Apocalypse Now

Food for thought:

The present day Disney teen idol/sex object has smaller boobs than Annette.

I'm not sure what this means, but it's the kind of thing that occurs to me when I realize that Avril Lavigne has now birthed her own cheesey rock sub-genre.


TMink said...

Hmmm, how many layers of posing here? Is this Ms. Cyrus pretending to be a Montana who is pretending to be a rocker for a video for a pretend career? And are those actresses with her pretending to be upset teens with their pretend stuffed animals?

Is this happening because Miss Cyrus is the latest Monkee? Does she have that much talent? Or is she the best at posing as if she does?

Too many levels of posing for me. Way too many.


TMink said...

OK, so I watched the video, well, I watched more of it.

She is a complete and huge poser. This is as clear a triumph of appearance over substance as I have seen.

It makes me proud that my daughter despises her. I just hope it is because my child sees how fake that all is.


Anonymous said...

Even Xtina and Britney must have been dwarfed in size by Annette during their time at WDCo.

I met Annette once. She was doing a tour of state fairs with Frankie in the late 80s and I was working at the hotel they stayed at when playing ours. I did room service for Annette and her husband a few times that night, and it wasn't until she was asking about the weather did I realized to whom I was talking. They were both very nice (but average tippers) and I've always regretted not asking for an autographed something while serving them drinks.

She was a very petite woman, from what I remember. And still a very lovely woman, too.

And this video makes me wonder: is it still talent when your talent is to mimic someone else's style w/o much variation?

Isaac said...

Who's Annette?