Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Did You Ever See a Jew Jitsu? (Well, I Did)

[Posted about this over at Box Office, but it's too good not to share, especially as I've been looking for the album cover for years -- god bless Google Images!]

From today's New York Times:

More than 40 years after the Beatles first proposed a concert in Israel, a date has been set for Paul McCartney to play there, The Times of London reported. Mr. McCartney’s show in Tel Aviv, which had previously been announced with a date to be set, is now scheduled for Sept. 25. Earlier this year Israel officially apologized to the remaining members of the Beatles for canceling a concert tour in 1965. At the time Israeli officials cited financial problems, and some there had argued against the concert, suggesting that the band’s performance would corrupt Israeli youth. Ron Prosor, Israel’s ambassador to Britain, said the country wanted to “rectify a historic missed opportunity.”

rabbi saul.jpg

Well, obviously, this is great news for Israeli Beatlemaniacs, but we can only hope it's also a chance to rectify another even greater historic missed opportunity. We refer, of course, to the possible release of the great lost Beatles album, Rabbi Saul. Originally scheduled for release in 1967, RS was a result of the Fab Four's brief (hidden from the public) flirtation with Orthodox Judaism after their "divorce" (John Lennon's phrase) from The Maharishi; songs -- some of which have been bootlegged over the years -- included "The Shul on the Hill," "Mocky Raccoon," "P.S. I Owe You," and (my personal favorite) "Your Mother Should Only Know."


Anonymous said...

also featuring
"ive just seen a shana punum:
"its only gelt"

geor3ge said...

Eh, it's no "Two Live Jews."

David Rasmussen said...

Jewdriver still plays occassional shows!

Anonymous said...

OT: FWIW, Steve, I agree with you 100% about The Clintons.