Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Francisco Franco, Still Dead

I'd totally forgotten this, but did you know that when Sticky Fingers came out in Spain in 1970, the powers that be thought the famous zipper cover was obscene? But that this one, which replaced it, was absolutely fine?

I mean -- seriously, isn't that a zillion times grosser?

Additional trivia note: The Spanish censors also nixed the inclusion of "Sister Morphine," which was replaced with a smoking live cover of Chuck Berry's "Let It Rock."

[h/t Billy B]


Anonymous said...

livin la vida crapola -

Anonymous said...

guess the fingers got stuck in the zipper !!!

Anonymous said...

so thats where the hand ended up from CHILLER THEATER

Wendy said...

That's creepy and repulsive. it would be one thing if the fingers were going into the can, but coming out of it? Ew.