Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Abracadabra! (I Have Seen Them)

Morning All,

Last weekend I happened to be in my hometown of Youngstown, OH visiting family when by some miraculous stroke of luck I learned that the venerable powerpop festival International Pop Overthrow was taking its act on the road and was making a three night stand at the Cedars Lounge downtown. I opted for Saturday night when local heroes and powerpop legends Blue Ash hit the Cedars stage.

It was a full evening of pop with strong sets by support acts The Plast​ic Heart​s, The Dread​ful Yawns, Pale Hollo​w, The Jellybricks, Trigg​ers, Sky Dragster, and The Infid​els, but the crowd was clearly there for Blue Ash. The reformed group featured the original front line of Jim Kendzor on lead vocals, Frank Secich on guitar and bass, and Bill "Cupid" Bartolin on lead guitar. The band ran through an energetic set peppered with rock and roll chestnuts as well as a sampling of cuts from their classic LP No More, No Less. I should have made a set list, but frankly, I was having too good of a time!

Following are a few snaps from the show. I understand that there are also some video clips here at YouTube too. Cheers!

Frank on bass.

Bill Bartolin rips off a solo...

Jim was in fine voice after all these years!


steve simels said...

I just bought the CD reissue.


Wish I'd been there, obviously.

Unknown said...

One of the greatest bills of our career . . . we have played on some good ones too!

I too am a Youngstown native, and it was a surreal pleasure to share the stage with Blue Ash, as well as The Infidels - both huge influences on my musical life.

Larry Kennedy/The Jellybricks

Noam Sane said...

Sharp dressers, too.