Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Department of "Words Fail Me" (An Occasional Series)

And speaking as we were yesterday of Los Shakers (the Beatles of Uruguay) and their absolutely gorgeous 1965 Latino-Meets-Merseybeat classic "Always You," please enjoy this absolutely astounding modern (from last January) almost one-man band (everything but the drums) remake by the heretofore unknown to me and the larger world Nick Martellaro.

Found this over at YouTube the other day, and it frankly blew my tiny mind. Martellaro is, apparently, a twenty-something kid obsessed with 60s pop, and he's been posting covers like this one, of rather less obscure songs, for a while now (he also has an album available over at CD Baby here).

I've haven't heard them all, but most of the ones I have heard are simultaneously impressively faithful to their sources and a little lacking in...something. Which is to say they have a certain K-Tel quality to them, if you know what I mean, although to be fair, that may have more to do with the over-familiarity of the originals than with Martellaro's impressively played and sung recreations.

This one, however, is just great; the twelve-string stuff actually improves on the Los Shakers record, and the song shines through as nature intended.

If words were not to fail me, I think the one I'd come up with is "wow."


FD13NYC said...

Oh yes, in a word, Wow! Excellent cover, this kid is good. The video is nice too, showing all the guitars. I scooted over to YouTube and checked out some of the others, and was jealously impressed. Good find!

Anonymous said...

I think it's better then the original.


Anonymous said...

Listen to his originals also. They're good.

Anonymous said...

gotta love someone who loves this music that much. talk about a man out of time.