Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wish I'd Said That (An Occasional Series)

From an interview with always amusing original Rolling Stones manager/producer Andrew Loog Oldham in the February issue of MOJO:

You tweeted about Pussy Riot -- "Don't get me started on the pussy group." Was this seriously meant or were you being mischievous?
"Both. If the Sex Pistols were a less musical, but still relevant, version of the Stones, then Pussy Riot makes Bananarama sound like the Three Tenors."
Boy, that's gotta be the greatest Compare and Contrast ever.

UPDATE: Let's actually compare and contrast.

Pussy Riot -- "Punk Prayer"

Bananarama -- "Robert De Niro's Waiting"

The Three Tenors -- "O Sole Mio"



buzzbabyjesus said...

Hat's Off To Andrew. Nobody ever said he was dumb.

cthulhu said...

I love (and lust after) Bananarama. Always enjoyed their sense of humor.

The same cannot be said of the Three Tenors, no matter how beautifully they sing.

I have no opinion on Pussy Riot.

Generally like to listen to ALO's show on Underground Garage (Sirius/XM 21). Always entertaining, and he picks interesting music. I do NOT lust after him though (I reserve that for Ko Melina).

Noam Sane said...

Visually, the Pussy Riot video reminds me of the "Knights of the Roundtable" song in "...Holy Grail".

Ken J Xenozar said...

in the spirit of "if you can't say anything nice...", I will simply say that the Bananarama look will never go out of style for me. They are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

That may be the first time I've actually heard Bananarama (kinda lame) which is weird, cuz I love the Shakespeare's Sister album I have