Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Okay -- So Does This Make the Guy in the Tux the Ed Sullivan of Latin America?

Still a little bit overwhelmed by my sudden career change -- I am now acting as Kato, Oriental Houseboy™ for a convalescing shady dame of my acquaintance -- so here's yet another re-post about a subject dear to my heart.

From 1965 and the motion picture La Escala Musical, please enjoy the absolutely brilliant Los Shakers and their sublimely Beatles-esque (specifically, the Fabs from the Help! album period) "Always You.

These guys really were the Beatles of Uruguay, BTW. I mean, they were really that good, and really that popular. (Although apparently they were even bigger in Argentina.)

I should add that of all the songs heretofore unknown to me that I've discovered as a result of the blog you're perusing, this is the one that has meant the most to me.

Seriously -- when that 12-string guitar comes in at the top of the second verse, I absolutely lose it. Still.


Anonymous said...

You wouldn't care to post anything by these guys would you? They're great. Frito

steves said...

They're the original Rutles! :)

Anonymous said...

First read about/heard Los Shakers on this site and felt immediately that were more than Beatles copycats. Definitely more like acolytes/disciples.

Got any love for the Stones-inspired Los Mockers? They don't quite rise to the same creative level as Los Shakers, but you could probably say that about a lot of Stone's inspired groups.


Anonymous said...

I found a bootleg Shakers CD about a year ago and it's now burned into my memory. The slow moody tunes are fantastic, the more obvious Beatle nicks the better.