Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Thursday Moment of Shameless Self-Indulgence

Attentive readers with long memories may recall that I have from time to time chronicled the adventures of my old -- and I mean REALLY old -- garage band chums The Weasels.

Actually, we were more of a basement band than a garage band, by which I mean that back in the day we had a little underground rehearsal/recording facility featuring a (for its era) state of the art Teac 4-track reel to reel machine, where we committed multiple offenses aginst the Muse of Music.

I won't bore you with any of the sordid details, but I just wanted to let the feline out of the sack, as it were, which is to say -- WE'RE BACK!!!

Yes, my old -- and I mean REALLY old -- chums and I are at it again. This time, not in a basement, but in an attic. Where, with the help of a lap-top computer, we now have a recording facility that affords us more tracks than the Beatles had available to them at the time they made Abbey Road. Our talent, however, remains as AWOL as ever.

In any case, here's an almost mixed version of "Fine Time," one of the first tracks from our newest affront to all that is good and holy in the world album, the appropriately titled Blame the Victim.

The song is sung by its composer, multi-instrumentalist and engineer Glenn Leeds; the bass is by Allan Weissman, the acoustic guitar by (Jai Guru) Dave Hawxwell, and all the electric guitar stuff is by some schmuck whose name rhymes with Sleeve Nimels. The other guys sing the harmonies on the choruses, BTW; they don't let me open my mouth near a microphone, for obvious reasons.

Despite all of this, please try to enjoy, won't you?

Also: I should add that the drum track is sampled from somewhere or other, and it sounds absolutely nothing at all like the work of our retired percussionist Mike "The Drummer" Sorrentino, who long ago informed us that "rhythm was an outmoded Western conception."


Anonymous said...

Hey, you promised no more albums!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

May I feature the track on my show?

Allan Rosenberg "Lost at Sea"

FD13NYC said...

Don't sell yourself short there kid. This is good, well done, or as Jerry Lewis used to say, I LIKE IT!!!

buzzbabyjesus said...

Solid tune all the way around. I hear a little "Dead Flowers", and your guitar reminds me of Dave Davies circa "Muswell Hillbilles". There's a particular lick he liked when he wanted to go "country" which can be found in "Have A Cuppa Tea". You paraphrase it nicely.
My only complaint is the vocal, and not the voice or the performance, but the recording itself, which sounds like it was done with a crappy mic.

Blinky the Doormat said...

What a bunch of fuKKKin weasels.

steves said...

I second buzzbabyjesus's comments.

Also, I lurve the cover. The work of a certain shady dame, perhaps?

The Shady Dame said...

Re. the cover, Simels is fully responsible for the image. I just added the astoundingly bright type and logo. :-)

john said...

Sounds like history, musical of course. But "I like it" to quote a stone.