Monday, April 08, 2013

The Kids Are Alright

Okay, fuck you, Justin Bieber -- THIS is how it's done.

Matt Jaffe & The Distractions utterly addictive new single "Backs of Our Eyelids."

Nicely under-produced by none other than former Talking Head keyboard guy Jerry Harrison, who discovered Jaffe at an open mic thingie somewhere.

Of course, from my vantage point several hundred decades away from the target demographic, this kid thinks he's way cuter than he actually is. But the song and the performance are still awfully impressive accomplishments for a 17 year old, n'est-ce pas?

More to the point, this is in fact a rock record, and I'm a sucker for endangered species. A full album is due later this year.


buzzbabyjesus said...


Anonymous said...

What's with his voice? Who wrote the song?


Dave said...

Good stuff.

steve simels said...

The kid wrote the song.

Anonymous said...

Like it better then Jack Bugg, but neither song really does it for me. At my age I'm sick of hearing about potential, let's hear the real goods or get off the "pot"! (Sorry sound mixing joke)


Anonymous said...

Like the song. Hate the voice. But at least it's not crap.