Thursday, April 18, 2013

RIP Scott Miller

I was stunned this morning to learn of the passing of Scott Miller, mastermind behind two of the finest pop-rock bands in my lifetime: Game Theory and the Loud Family. His 2010 book, Music:What Happened? was a terrific year-by-year rundown of the last fifty or so years of the genre.

Miller was a young man, and according to the Loud Family website, had been planning to go back into the studio this year. At this time, they're not saying what happened, but in any case, we here at PowerPop send our warmest condolences to the family and friends of this gifted artist.


rock-zounds said...

Sad news guys , just listening his first Loud Family album.
A classic masterpiece. Listem it here RIP Scott Miller

wayne motlot said...

sad day.

Alex said...

Damn. So much great music -- makes me want to live in a world where Game Theory sold out stadiums where the Backstreet Boys flipped burgers. *sigh*

paulp said...

What a sad loss to the music world, even if they don't know it. RIP

Mark said...

Miller's final Loud Family album, WHAT IF IT WORKS (2006), is not only one fine album, but it contains the track, TOTAL MASS DESTRUCTION, whose lyrics could serve as an explanation of Game Theory and The Loud Family's inability to reap the commercial rewards Miller and his bands so richly deserved.

Miller's clever lyrics are to be sorely missed.

Marsupial said...

Oh my god. This is devastating news. He produced some of the best music of the 1980s and 1990s (and more), even if the GREAT majority of people had never heard of him or GT or LF.

He was so great at interacting with fans through his website -- don't know if he kept that up.