Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Wednesday Essay Question

And speaking as we were yesterday of The Rolling Stones:

A) If the Stones had never written a song, they would deserve to considered as one of the greatest rock bands of all time solely for their covers of blues and r&b.

B) This may be the best cover they ever did.



buzzbabyjesus said...

I vote for their Robert Johnson covers, "Stop Breaking Down", and "Love In Vain". Eric Donaldson's "Cherry Oh Baby" is pretty good too.

Carol said...

I'm partial to "Oh Carol" and "King Bee"

Anonymous said...

The live version of " Route 66 " & "She Said Yeah" are up there for me!

Allan R.

steve simels said...

Did you know Sonny Bono cowrote the latter?

Absolutely blew my mind when I found that out.

Blue Ash Fan said...

I remember reading a review for Some Girls that slammed the Stones for this very tune. I couldn't imagine what the hell they were talking about. I've loved this version from Day 1.

Jim H. said...

"Down the Road Apiece", "Carol"

Brooklyn Girl said...

"Not Fade Away"

pete said...

Around and Around

Anonymous said...

Just My Imagination was the best "Motown" cover they did up to that point. They pretty much re-invented it, which is more than one can say for their rather dreadful version of the Tempts' "My Girl."

Still, I think the studio version is about a minute longer than it needs to be. This song became eight minutes plus on the 1978 tour. That's a lot of "run away run away run away run away run run run run run's." It didn't rave me up.

I will always adore the Ya-Ya's "Love In Vain' but I'm a sucker for blues well done. And that's about as good as it gets.

As far as favorite covers, well, all of the above. But I also love "Little Red Rooster" for Brian's slide. And Mona, again for Brian's wonderfully primal playing.

I simply love The Rolling Stones, Now! which is two-thirds covers all of which rule, except Pain In My Heart, which is the turd. "Down Home Girl" is soooo yummy. Bill's great on that one and Keith and Brian are locked in.

For worst cover off the top of my head I'd say Under the Boardwalk, Good Times, My Girl, That's How Strong My Love Is are strong contenders.

Vickie Rock

Anonymous said...

RE: Sonny Bono's co-authorship with Larry Williams of She Said Yeah

That was the B-side of Larry Williams' Bad Boy. The A-side was covered by the Beatles and the B-side by the Stones. Cha-ching!

Vickie Rock - singing and swaying to Sonny & Cher's Baby Don't Go, my fave Cher vocal ever. And a Bono comp as well.

Anonymous said...

I keep fantasizing The Stones will give us one last new studio album and it will be them going back to their roots and doing all R&B and blues covers. Also they dump Ronnie and include Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman.

I can dream can't I?

Allan R.

Anonymous said...

"Ain't Too Proud to Beg" was pretty bad, especially the guitar solo which sounded like a cat running up and down the fretboard.

Anonymous said...

Allan R.: "Make a wish. Have a ball. Dream the Dream. Be it all."

It's been nine years since the last Stones studio album. They've now exceeded the ridiculous gap between Bridges and Bang. Lord knows, they've earned the right to rest on their laurels and rake in the extremely overpriced ticket dough.

It's amazing that they're still going. They billed themselves as the Cockroaches for a 1978 secret gig, and it suits their indefatigable nature.

Your idea plays well to a geriatric band which may be too tired and jaded to write new material that would be believable. I wouldn't be surprised if it actually came to pass. I'd be all in favor of it as long as it doesn't rehash previous covers.

I, too, would love them to dump Ronnie. He and Keith can "weave" and giggle all they want, it ain't even close to what came before. Their groovin’ shits and giggles only go so far. The best thing Ronnie ever did was Hey Negrita, which is a personal favorite sexy dance number [like Hot Stuff from the same album. Half of that record was real good for shakin' the hips. Damn, if I don't still have the store display for that album in my game room. Are you a bad boy? Do you like to do bad things?].

Let Ronnie do a Faces reunion. He never measured up from the get go anyway.

I'd like to see a rotation of guitarists for the different songs. Ry Cooder, Mick Taylor, Buddy Miller, Doug Pettibone, Wayne Perkins, Jimmy Page, Derek Trucks, Harvey Mandel, Denny Freeman, Jimmy Johnson. Maybe even Chuck Berry himself [after multiple takes, no doubt, waiting for that magical one].

Since Stu is gone, why not try to get Jerry Lee, Little Richard, Glen D. Hardin and Fats to contribute?

T-Bone Burnett produces with Rick Rubin. They dredge up some obscure rootsy stuff and a new nugget or two and the Stones return to their god-like pedestals ala Johnny Cash before the final curtain.

Title of the album: “Poontang Palace”.

Just a thought.

Oh, one more thing about "Just My Imagination". When the Tempts sing it, the song is believable. When Mick sings it, I'm not buying it for a second.

Vickie Rock – My daughter just texted that she’s working the backstage green room at the Cher – Cyndi Lauper show right now. I told her to keep an eye out for straight people. She's gonna try to get a picture with her if possible. I mean, she did sing "Behind the Door" and I just told you how much I love "Baby Don't Go."

steve simels said...

When the Temps sang it, great as it was, it was very urbane. It sounded like they were wearing tuxedos.

The Stones version is pure bruised romantic longing.

IMHO. Makes all the difference in the world.

Anonymous said...


I have a color photo of Genie the Tailor measuring David Ruffin of the Temptations for new stage outfits upstairs at the Whisky. It's hilarious because it looks like she's measuring his cock. The facial expressions in the photo are priceless.

The Tempts had four number One singles. The Stones covered three of them. That ought to tell you something. The only reason they didn't do "Papa was a Rolling Stone" is because I don't think they could even remotely pull that off. Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong are gods.

Stage uniforms, tuxedos, urbane or whatever, I think the Tempts version has a dreamy quality to it that lends to its innocence. Because as much as this song is about longing, unrequited love, and daydreaming, it is also about innocence and being bashful. As the lyric says, "I never met her. But I can't forget her."

The Stones are not bashful boys. So even though their version is cool and they rock it and trash it up a bit, I'm not believin' Mick's character any more than I believe his humorous caricature in "Far Away Eyes."

If anything, I get more of a sense of frustration and anger with the Stones version, the way it kinda pounds along at the end.

Vickie Rock - bruising the dragon and chasing the wine