Thursday, July 24, 2014

Your Thursday Moment of Words Fail Me

Bob Dylan rehearses his part in "We Are the World."

This is so amazing on so many levels I don't even know where to begin.

[h/t Steve Schwartz]


buzzbabyjesus said...

That is a horrible song, but this was fun to watch.

Blue Ash Fan said...

Gawd, I'd forgotten how awful that song is. How painful it must have been for one of the greatest lyricists of all time to sing such drivel. No wonder he couldn't get it to work.

And thank you to you, Steve, for making this piece of chazerai my earworm for today.

Dave said...

If this were fourteen times longer, I'd still watch/listen to every second of it.

I'd love to know what was running through Diana Ross's mind.

Gummo said...

That was just great.

steves said...

"I'd love to know what was running through Diana Ross's mind."

"God, I need a drink!" ?

Unknown said...

I'll I have to say is LOL

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Loved it. Absolutely loved it. I'll echo what Dave said above...I'd watch as much footage of this as they've got. I know a lot of folks don't much care for this song but, personally, I've tended to cut it a lot of slack. Take good deeds where you find them (can I get an amen, bruvvah?).


Tony J said...

Quincy's biggest nightmare.

Anonymous said...

There's something almost Chaplin-esque about Bob's demeanor and attitude. Fitting, since the studio was originally built by Charlie. Zimmy seems so lost and humble. I wouldn't rule out being high on something either. But it's kinda charming. He's always been a different kind of pro.

Do you get the feeling that everybody just wanted to go home? "That was great Bob. We got what we wanted." Hugs and well wishes. Don't let the screen door hit you on the way out. We're fucking tired man.

It was less than two miles from Cherokee Studios to A&M Studios. Dylan had been working at the former with Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, Bob Glaub and Don Heffington [a fine, fine drummer] on "Seeing the Real You At Last," prior to coming to the star-studded session.

Cherokee was owned by The Robbs and shut down a few years back to make way for housing. Sad. A&M's been gone since Universal took it over and shut it down. Those were both a great studios!

Time does weird things, especially when it comes to Bob Dylan. I didn't care for Empire Burlesque much when it came out. But over the years half of it's kinda grown on me.

"We Are the World," is a fun one to goof on, replacing the do-gooder lyrics with completely morally bankrupt sentiments. Survival of the fittest, right?:-) Sing along: "Who gives a shit. Fuck all the people. We are the ones who don't give a damn so toss our salad...." And millions of other variations.

I don't care if it sold gugillions of copies. It may as well have been that irritating song on Disneyland's It's a Small World ride as far as I'm concerned. Maddening. The only thing it's missing is David Lee Roth.It's the Mongolian Death Earworm.

Vickie Rock

P.S. Donny Osmond would have nailed that in one take. Also, Barry Manilow probably could have written a better jingle:-). Or Bruce Johnston, for that matter. After all, he writes the songs that make the whole world sing. And what the hell was Dan Aykroyd doing there?

It's over 110 degrees in the Empire today, thus spent all day in the cabana and pool with liquid refreshments and grilled Mahi Mahi for lunch. I would have gone to the beach, but the surf sucks and all the pajama people are there on hot days like this. Gotta get ready for dinner and Ron Carter tonight.

Brooklyn Girl, sort of said...

I love watching musicians work.

And this song was one of my guilty pleasures (too lazy to repeat that in the post above).