Monday, July 21, 2014

Your Monday Moment(s) of Power Pop Heaven: Special Graham Gouldman is an Even Bigger God Than God! Edition

From a recent UK newspaper giveaway CD, please enjoy the incomparable Graham Gouldman...

...and absolutely gorgeous live unplugged versions of "Look Through Any Window"...

...and "The Things We Do For Love."

Technically, these are by the current touring version of 10cc (Gouldman is the only original member) and in fact the CD contains lots of acoustic remakes of his 10cc stuff, as well as familiar Gouldman-penned Brit Invasion classics (originally recorded by The Hollies, The Yardbirds et al) from the 60s.

In any case, just a wonderful, wonderful album -- you can (and definitely should) download the entire thing over HERE.

You're welcome.

Perhaps Needlessly Contentious Essay Question: Gouldman may be the finest pop/rock composer of his generation that isn't named Lennon or McCartney. And his 70s output was better than both of theirs.


[h/t Willard's Wormholes]


danny1959 said...

Your review of The Original Soundtrack by 10cc in Stereo Review was the reason I got into the band, Mr. Simels, and for that I thank you.

Alex said...

So. Freaking. Great.

Thanks for posting this!

Elroy said...

Very nice! Great way to start off the week, thanks Steve!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmm, Soooooo Delicious.

The three of us are going to England this fall and have tickets to a few of these shows lined up. I'm very much looking forward to it.

Apparently this CD is available at the merch booth at the concerts. I got a copy a few months ago from a sales rep at an import CD distributorship. Perhaps, after the tour, there will be an official release.

I'll never forget the first time I heard 10cc. It was a full moon August week in 1973. It was the first time I made out with another girl besides Sandy.

We were parked on a lonely road in her navy blue Maverick and smoked a joint with the radio on. The DJ announced that he just got a copy of the forthcoming Rolling Stones single. Our ears perked up. Before "Angie" finished playing, we were in each other's arms french kissing passionately.

The girl's name was Jackie and she had long blonde hair like Sandy. She had heard about us and thought I could help satisfy her [bi]curiosity. We became fast friends and music buddies for years. We rented a deluxe van together for a month in the Summer of 1975. We took it to the River, the beach and the five Stones concerts at the Forum.

Anyway, when we were making out the DJ played "Jackie Blue". I'll never forget it. I'll associate that wonderful song with her and that perfect night forever. That song has a lot of great lines, like "You live your life in a free-form style. You take an inch but you'd love a mile."

When the two of us were primping up after our make-out session that DJ played the first 10cc song I ever heard, "Rubber Bullets," from either the import single or LP.

Not long after that I picked up the debut LP from the import section at my local Wherehouse and paid the big $4.98 price for it. Well worth it. The first time I saw 10cc live was at the Shrine Auditorium. They were opening for Ten Years After:-)

You gonna post more songs from this CD soon? I'm sure the punters would love it.

I'd love it if Graham played McCabe's out my way. It'd be the perfect venue. Why no USA dates? Certainly there must be enough interest for small venues.

Vickie Rock

Anonymous said...

Faulty memory circuit: Jackie Blue was from when we rented the van together in 1975.

Vickie Rock

steve simels said...

Uh Vick --

I'm quite fond of Jackie Blue, but it was written and recorded by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

Graham had nothing to do with it that I'm aware.

steve simels said...

Okay, that was just nostalgia on your part. Sorry about that.

Anyway, an interesting obscure Graham song tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


I never said it had anything to do with Graham:-) It was just a great song that I associate with that particular girl. Glad you're fond of it too. It is a great one.

I thought I made it quite clear in the comment that "Rubber Bullets" was the first 10cc song I ever heard.

Actually, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils song was from a different perfect night a couple of years later. I somehow blended it in due to the erosion of my mind and the eternal wonderfulness of Jackie.

Vickie Rock

steve simels said...

As I said, my bad.:-)

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Well, I am not going to get into an fights about the relative merits of any members of 10cc.

However, thanks for posting that link.

Alzo said...

RE: Needlessly Contentious Essay Question...

Gouldman is fantastic, but "finest pop/rock composer of his generation that isn't named Lennon or McCartney" ???!!!

Raymond. Douglas. Davies.

Anonymous said...

As far as seventies output, Gouldman beats Lennon easily. Which isn't hard to do. I can't even listen to John's solo shit. Too much whining. Too ego-centric. Too self-important. Embarrassingly naive, and, kinda phony. Plus you can't dance to most of it, either.

At least Paul never burdened us with the likes of Two Virgins, Life With the Lions, The Wedding Album, a crappy live album and one of the worst double LP's of all time. John was lucky he had been a Beatle because that garbage would have never sold had it been anyone else. The guy had to be delusional to put out dreck like that.

And I'm not that fond of the "good" Lennon albums either.

I never understood how "Whatever Gets You Through the Night" made it to Number One. It annoyed me from day one. I can't stand that song. It's right up there with "The Bitch Is Back," and "Bungle In the Jungle". God, there was some shitty music from the big guys in 1974. --- End of rant.

While anyone would prefer Paul's Beatle output over his solo, I think he edges out Gouldman because of the sheer volume of stuff. Paul may not be as clever, but he wrote most of the 70's stuff alone [that Linda credit was for legal publishing reasons, right?]. And when he was good, he was real good, despite the frequently inane lyrics. That 1976 US tour sure sealed the deal as to who was the most talented and together ex-Beatle.

Gouldman had collaborators on nearly all the 10cc songs. Also he was only involved in the co-writing of about half of the songs while the original line-up was intact.

His Sixties stuff is amazing. All those melodic pop hits were magic. And he had an "Evil Hearted You," in him too. Did I tell you how much I love that song? I breathe deeply through my nostrils and lick my lips every time it plays. Oooh, the thoughts that fill my wicked head....

Vickie Rock - I couldn't stop her so I let it be.

P.S. Here's the personification of Jackie Blue who caused a bit of a sneeze earlier for the few who might care. I OK'd it with her. She's held up quite well, don't you think? A real estate appraiser these days. Gesundheit, by the way.

Our hubby dragged us to Nico Vega tonight. He loves Aja. As far as I'm concerned they've never lived up to their potential or hype. Lotsa action in Hollywood tonight because Gaga was in town. I liked Leela James over the weekend better.

Anonymous said...

Vickie, shut up. Please.

Anonymous said...

Vicki. Keep it coming. Love it all. Can't argue with your assessments of Paul and John, much as it pains me; John was always my fave Beatle.