Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Your Wednesday Moment(s) of Power Pop Heaven: Special This Graham Gouldman Obsession of Mine is Really Getting Out of Hand! Edition

And from that recent UK newspaper giveaway CD we mentioned on Monday...'s the utterly amazing Graham Gouldman -- fronting the current touring version of 10cc -- with utterly exquisite unplugged versions of his Hermans Hermits classic "No Milk Today"....

...and the aforementioned 10cc's "I'm Not in Love."

This guy is a stone genius. Period.


FD13NYC said...

No question, Gouldman is a songwriting scholar. His material here is performed brilliantly! I'm really diggin' this.

Dave said...

Great stuff, particularly "No Milk Today." Imagine that this was released as the B-side to "There's a Kind of Hush." Gouldman also wrote my other favorite Herman's Hermits song, "Listen People."

Anonymous said...

So well recorded and performed,.... mmmmm. Makes me really look forward to seeing them in the Fall.

Mere mortals can't even begin to fathom the brilliance of "No Milk Today" on every level. And I love this live performance!

Yeah, it was a B-side in the US, but it was a double sided Number One in Los Angeles during March of 1967.

Also, in Berdoo, the stations were playing the import A-side of the single in the Fall of 1966. The Hermits' cover of Ray Davies' "Dandy" was issued in the US in its stead at this time.

I don't think "I'm Not In Love," loses much without the ethereal "Big Boys Don't Cry" section. I think I might prefer it that way.

I used to softly sing this song to my guy while I was massaging him as foreplay.

Vickie Rock

Anonymous said...

Is it true that I'm Not In Love was originally planned to be a bossa nova type of tune?

Vickie Rock

Voxtron said...

Can this be purchased in physical form somewhwere?