Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Not Only Has This Country Jumped the Shark, It's Jumped the Sharknado!

The Supreme Court, with this Hobby Lobby decision bullshit, has apparently come around to Kinky Friedman's way of thinking.

And Monty Python's as well.

Seriously, I would like to thank the five justices behind yesterday's ruling for validating my deeply held belief that I actually have Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket.

Actually, what I really believe is that I actually have Jesus H. Christ on a piece of challah french toast, but I couldn't find a graphic for that.

In any case, I have been cruelly persecuted for holding this view for years, so kudos to Justice Roberts and the rest of the like-minded Supremes.

I should add that this decision has reminded me of the famous telegram filmmaker Jean Renoir sent to his studio boss after a disastrous sojourn in Hollywood: "Goodbye Mr. Zanuck, and let me tell you it has certainly been a pleasure working at 16th-Century Fox."


steve simels said...

Actual power pop stuff returns tomorrow with a vengeance tomorrow.

Scouts honor.

Anonymous said...

Partisan politics has a lot of the same characteristics as fanatical religion. Reason is trumped by blind faith and devotion. In such an environment no productive discussions can be had. That's why I avoid both.

Regardless of the SCOTUS decision and on which side one stands, I think we'll all live. It's just a dust particle floating by for a nanosecond.

Vickie Rock

steve simels said...

You're a closet Kansas fan?

Who knew?

Anonymous said...


I dance until the dust receives my trouble.

Vickie Rock