Saturday, August 20, 2016

Québec City Confidential: A Photo Essay

So as you may have heard, a certain Shady Dame and I spent a few days recently with our friends in the Great White North, specifically in Québec City. We had a splendid -- or perhaps splendide -- time, but I must confess I found the place a little odd.

Herewith, a visual record of our trip, with commentary.

For example, this moose store was the very first thing we saw after leaving our hotel.

I think we can safely conclude that if you were to buy anything at said store, you would -- officially -- be a tourist.

A few blocks later, we came across the statue of the Headless Capitaine. Apparently, this is some kind of mythological icon; perhaps there's a Canadian equivalent of Washington Irving I'm unaware of.

Have I mentioned that the Canadians really seem to love their moose?

I took this one outside the Museum of the Pussycat Cafe. We didn't go in, for fear of offending our delicate American sensibilities.

Have I mentioned that the Canadians really seem to love their moose?

If you're planning on vacationing in QC, I am happy to tell you that the food is very good. We particularly enjoyed the authentic cuisine at this establishment.

We didn't get a chance to stop at the sister restaurant, which specializes in fake cuisine. Maybe next time.

Did you know that Dr. Seuss was a hero in Canada? I sure didn't.

QC is absolutely redolent with history; everywhere you look, you learn something. For instance....

...I had no idea that McDonald's spokesclown founded the first public school in the province.

Meanwhile, it seems the Quebecoise are extremely formal. As you can see, even the trees have name tags.

And finally, it seems QC is a good town for Superman.

The last place in the Americas that still has phone booths...

...and has a Daily Planet building.

Have I mentioned that the Canadians really love their moose?

Okay, now take off, eh?


dave said...

Any moose merchandise?

M_Sharp said...

It looks moosetacular! Is that Bart Simpson's hair at the Pussycat Museum?