Monday, October 10, 2016

Rod Temperton 1949 - 2016

He wrote a lot of hit songs over the years, but his most famous one, of course, is Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

I've often wondered, however, what he thought about this version -- the definitive one, in my humble opinion.

Incidentally, I just got a copy of the 1984 HBO special that it derives from -- man, that guy was funny back in the days before the steroids destroyed his sense of humor.


buzzbabyjesus said...

I hate when that happens.

Unknown said...

Turning into Jerry Lewis is a truly inspired moment. And he does't drag the bit out too long.

Just what we need after last night.

Cpt. Al

Billy B said...

Had never seen this one before. Didn't realize Piscopo screwed himself up with steroids.